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The European Football Week


The European Football Week is one of the highlights of the Special Olympics football development project in Europe with a long term commitment from UEFA lasting nine years. European Football Week is usually held in the spring/summer time. During this week every year, National Special Olympics Programs organize a variety of football activities during the week — from tournaments to clinics to exhibition games – as thousands of children and adults athletes with intellectual disabilities, male and female, showcase their skills and determination throughout the Europe/Eurasia region.


The tenth annual Special Olympics European Football Week was held 30 April-7 May, 2010. More than 50,000 players with intellectual disabilities participated in football events in 45 countries throughout Europe/Eurasia.




Mattel and Mattel Children’s Foundation

Since 2005, Mattel, Inc., and the Mattel Children’s Foundation have supported Special Olympics, focusing on Young Athletes™, Special Olympics Get Into It® and Team Mattel.


Mattel, Inc., and the Mattel Children’s Foundation launched a global partnership with Special Olympics in 2005. Mattel’s support focuses on the development of three programs: Young Athletes™, which engages children with intellectual disabilities ages 2 through 7; Special Olympics Get Into It® school-based curriculum, which teaches understanding, acceptance and involvement; and Team Mattel, which engages Mattel employees around the world as volunteers in the Special Olympics movement.



Athlete Leadership Programs

Special Olympics Athlete Leadership Programs allow athletes to explore opportunities for greater participation in our movement beyond sports training and competition: as coaches, team captains, spokespeople and Board and committee members. 


These leadership roles give maturing athletes a voice in shaping the Special Olympics movement, and a chance to spread the word about the remarkable transformations Special Olympics can bring about in individuals and families. Athlete Leadership Programs also provide a way for athletes to showcase talents and interests that may have gone unnoticed.


In 2005, the Athlete Leadership Program was introduced in Armenia.  Special Olympics Armenia athletes underwent training to learn public speaking and presentation skills so they can help carry the message of Special Olympics, and the courage and dignity of their fellow athletes, to the general public. The athletes felt the training and opportunities provided to them through Special Olympics were an investment in themselves, and they needed to use their abilities to help champion the rights of all those with disabilities.


Athletes who serve on Special Olympics Boards of Directors help the movement set priorities based on what athletes want. Athletes share their perspectives on how well Games are run, and their wisdom about how to spend Special Olympics resources.

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