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Having fun, developing skills and building self-esteem, all while participating in year-round sports training and competition is the life of a Special Olympics athlete. Whatever their age or skill level, with 30 sports to choose from, Special Olympics has something for every person with an intellectual disability.


Special Olympics athletes are the heart of our movement. Special Olympics practices and competitions happen 365 days a year in more almost 180 countries. With the opportunities to excel and have fun come the associated benefits of improved health and self-image.





Special Olympics would not exist today — and could not have been created — without the time, energy, commitment and enthusiasm of people just like you, thousands of individuals who choose to take a little time from busy schedules to make the world a better place.



Volunteer Opportunities


• Get in touch with local Special Olympics to see what you can do to help.


• Be a fan in the stands at a Special Olympics event near you.


• Donate money to keep Special Olympics programs going.


• Contribute five minutes to take the pledge to stop using "retard" as an insult.


• Find out ways you and your church, club or friends can get involved near home. Invite a speaker to your next get-together.


• If you're a student, get active at your school.


• Get in the game by joining Special Olympics Unified Sports®, where people with and without intellectual disabilities train and compete together on the same team.


• Know someone with an intellectual disability? Refer them to Special Olympics.



Around the world, there is a growing hunger for civic engagement and belonging. It's about transforming lives, including your own. It’s about a spirit of giving and teamwork. It's about making your community and neighborhood a more welcoming and accepting place. And it’s about creating lifelong friendships and a new way of thinking about others. Those are rewards of immeasurable value.

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