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Special Olympics Armenia (SOA) NGO, founded in 1993, is a member of Special Olympics International. It follows the principles, ideology, and policy of Special Olympics.


Currently volunteer coaches, family members, and University students provide their services to the special schools representing Yerevan and the regions of Armenia. The trainees of Special Olympics are called special athletes.   


Collaborating with UEFA and Johan Cruyff Foundation, every year, in April-May, Special Olympics Armenia holds football events for students of special schools in the framework of the European Football Week initiative. Additionally, SOA conducts trainings and competitions in athletics, swimming and table tennis.


The projects of Special Olympics Armenia have been positively accepted by the Republic of Armenia Government, namely, by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, which provides funding to Armenian special athletes’ participation at local and international events.


SOA athletes, as a result of open competition and selection, regularly take part at Special Olympics World and European events:



Connecticut, USA (1995) – 4 athletes

North Carolina, USA (1999) – 2 athletes

Dublin, Ireland (2003) – 4 athletes

Rhodos, Greece (2004) – 2 athletes

Nagano, Japan (2004) – 2 athletes

Rome, Italy (2006) - 6 athletes

Shaghai, China (2007) – 5 athletes

Idaho, USA (2009) – 3 athletes

Warsaw, Poland (2010) – 6 athletes

Athens, Greece (2011) - 4 athletes

Pyongchang, South Korea (2013) - 2 athletes

Antwerp, Belgium (2014) - 2 athletes

Los Angeles, USA (2015) - 5 athletes




SOA collaborates with the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture, particularly, with specialists and students of the Adaptive Physical Education Department.


In 2005, SOA implemented training programs for volunteers, which was followed by the trainees’ conducting trainings for special athletes.


SOA continuously involves new athletes, volunteers, and family members in its activities, as well as strives to establish partnerships with local and international organizations, foundations and business people.

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